More than Just a Pretty Face: How Digital and Interactive Signs Encourage Efficiency

by Jayme Nelson

We live in the age of instant communication, where people tap the "refresh" button to get the most recent information possible. Brands and organizations looking to better plug into this real-time way of operating can communicate the most up-to-date information and increase team productivity by integrating digital signage into their facility.

Building Lobbies and Hallways

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Digital directories are silent employees that assist by guiding visitors to their destination quickly. Touchscreen displays are ideal for building directories and maps to visually illustrate wayfinding, and reduce frustration.

Office Conference Rooms

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Keep meetings organized and efficient. Small digital displays outside of conference rooms and meeting spaces communicate schedules and up-to-the-minute changes to all who pass by, reducing confusion among employees.

Employee Common Areas

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Digital kiosks in or near places where employees gather can feature company updates, welcome new team members and display team member kudos messages. Incorporating wall graphics with digital displays complements culture and integrates with decor.

Clinics and Large Campuses

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Self-serve digital kiosks check in patients at urgent care clinics and hospitals where staff may already be stretched thin. Kiosks are also communications tools that provide information and answers to frequently asked questions for visitors. 

Production and Back of House

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Place digital signs throughout the back of the house to keep employees informed on the most up-to-date service and production schedules. Digital displays can include reminders to servers, retail and hospitality staff to smile or thank a customer for coming in.

From the back of the house to the front lobby, digital signs and kiosks help keep information flowing and employees on track.