Resort Digital Signage: From Check In to Check Out

by Nick Jerome

Vacation is a time for rest, relaxation and fun. And for many, one of the highlights of a vacation is staying at a hotel or resort that only enhances that experience. Full-service spas, fine dining, a pool to catch some sun and a nice bar to unwind are some of the ways hotels and resorts can keep guests satisfied without ever leaving the building.

 There are also more subtle ways of giving guests the modern resort experience, including installing hospitality digital signage. Digital signage has the ability to engage guests and display real-time information that is both helpful and entertaining. From the time guests check in to the time they check out, digital signage will help them take full advantage of their time away from the worries of work and home.

 Check In

Hotel digital signs
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As guests arrive, they will need to check in. Touch screens allow guests to confirm their stay and payment while keeping the line moving. This is convenient for guests and helpful for front-desk employees who may be assisting guests or answering phones.


Hotel digital signage
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Resorts and hotels are big and unfamiliar to guests. Use hospitality digital signage to point them in the right direction. Digital screens are capable of giving virtual tours of the entire space or simply giving guests the most direct route to their room.

Virtual Concierge

Hospitality digital signage
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Many guests are skipping the concierge and researching the area on their own with smartphones. Meet them halfway with a virtual concierge, which informs guests of hotel events, amenities and local entertainment hotspots. These kiosks give guests more detailed information than what they might find on their own, while also sharing the local knowledge and insight of a personal concierge.           

Restaurant Menus

Hotel digital marketing
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If guests decide to eat at the hotel or resort, a digital menu is an attractive way of presenting meal options. These menus allow hotel restaurants to display images, nutritional facts and prices of their food. Digital content can be tweaked at a moment’s notice keeping your menus updated and providing guests with the information they need.

Hotel Digital Marketing

Digital marketing for hotels
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Digital signs are convenient tools for guests, but they’re also wonderful marketing tools for resorts and hotels. These signs are designed to drive action as well as inform and entertain. Digital marketing for hotels is a new source of revenue, sending guests to the in-house restaurant, promoting seasonal deals and engaging customers with the hotel brand. Digital screens also allow guests to share photos, post reviews as they check out and interact with the hotel’s social media accounts. This can increase brand loyalty and the chances of a return visit.

Keep Guests Informed

Hospitality digital signs

Instead of forcing guests to rely on their smartphones for the most up-to-date information, put it front and center with a digital display. Breaking news, weather forecasts, traffic updates and flight times can be updated in real-time to keep guests in the know. And the high-resolution displays are much easier to read and navigate than the mobile websites guests reach on their phones.

Consumers are moving toward digital screens for everyday purposes as well as entertainment. It’s important for hotels and resorts to keep up with their hospitality digital signage, so they’re able to give guests the best travel experience possible. Which resort does it best? Tweet us @FASTSIGNS with your best digital display!


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