4 MORE Uses for Magnetic Signs and Graphics

by Christina Krenek

Our post on The Top 5 Uses for Magnetic Signs and Graphics got a lot of love from our online community so we wanted to revisit this fun topic with some additional ideas for magnetic advertising signs. The Visual Magnetic Graphic System® (a company that FASTSIGNS works with) has a great video from their NYC POP-UP showroom highlighting options for this versatile material. Here are some of our favorite ideas for creative, dynamic and stunning custom magnetic signs.

1. Small Retail Space Solutions

Magnetic retail sign

Looking to make the most of your limited retail space? A drop-down shelving installation fitted with the Visual Magnetic Graphic System® is a practical and creative solution. Choose a stunning image that invokes the product’s brand values and have custom magnet panels created for the drop-down shelving. The possibilities are endless for rearranging product and playing with the layout (all without taking up precious floor space).

2. Business Brainstorming Center

Magnetic meeting sign

Turn any meeting room into a Brainstorm Command Center with a writable magnetic whiteboard. The board can be created in any size, so you can make the most of an underutilized corner, or go full floor-to-ceiling creativity. The real productivity comes in layering additional magnets like Post-it® Notes. Individual color blocks stick to the whiteboard and can be easily rearranged as processes are reordered, priorities shift and new ideas crop up.

3. Grocery Store Visual Upgrade

Magnetic grocery store sign

There’s a distinct trend in the grocery industry for appealing to consumers as a “local market”, even for the biggest chain stores. As many Americans try to eat more healthfully and demand for organic produce grows there a lot of value in presenting your store’s goods in a way that recalls farmer’s markets and roadside produce stands. Magnetic advertising signs are a great solution for creating this look.

Magnetic grocery store sign

Think about layering graphic elements: combine rural textures (wood grain, burlap) with produce glamour shots and then a writable chalkboard layer. The chalkboard element allows employees to update signage frequently and also provides a fresh and home-grown feel.

4. 3-D Elements for Interior Design

Magnetic interior design

There is an endless world of possibilities for interior design with magnetic graphics. Installing a magnetic wall allows designers complete freedom to add 3-D elements like the trendy geometric shapes above, or framed art that hangs without any damage to walls. Easy rearranging and removal means designs can be quickly switched up for the season, to reflect new products or simply to keep up with new styles.

Magnetic graphics are also a really fun option for home use. A magnetic wall in the living room could display ever-changing photograph collages. Magnetic coating on cupboards in the kitchen can turn them into whiteboards for messages or recipes. A graphic in a kid’s playroom creates endless possibilities for race tracks, letter games and creating visual stories with magnets.

Have you had success using magnetic graphics for a project? Tweet us a picture @FASTSIGNS! We’d love to see other creative uses for this versatile material.

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