FASTSIGNS® of San Diego, CA - Sports Arena | Dottie's Pop Shop Cafe


The Challenge

Eat.Drink.Sleep, a property management company that serves lifestyle and hospitality sectors, teamed up with design agency Hollis Brand Culture to create a complete brand identity for a walk-up café located in San Diego’s vibrant Belmont Park. After designing the logo and branding elements for Dottie’s Pop Shop, they needed help turning their vision into reality.

The Solution

FASTSIGNS® stepped in to provide comprehensive visual communications solutions that communicate the branding, attract attention on the busy beachside boardwalk and enhance the visitor experience.

To correlate with strict design guidelines, the café’s signs and visual graphics had to replicate a very specific color pallet on various mediums.

The walk-up counter serves as a focal point; a colorful, branded pattern was painted on the side of the wooden counter, seamlessly extending to the concreate flooring and hand-painted. Over the painted counter, FASTSIGNS created durable dimensional letters to highlight menu options, “Cones | Café | Cups.”

The grab ‘n go style café is enclosed with ceiling-to-counter glass. Inside of the café, FASTSIGNS provided custom wallpaper to extend brand messaging, enhance the décor and is easily seen by patrons and passers-by through the glass.

So that visitors know where to order and where to pick up, penny-deck (skateboard) shaped signs are mounted above the appropriate glass windows.

Lastly, FASTSIGNS provided a double-sided custom a-frame sign that incorporates natural wood, a colorful dimensional logo and a chalkboard surface to communicate interchangeable messages.


The Result

The branded signs and visual graphics provided by FASTSIGNS create a cohesive look and feel for the trendy beachfront café. The wooden signs and dimensional elements are durable enough to withstand the beachside weather and visitors are welcomed with appealing décor graphics.

Michelle and Sean Cox own FASTSIGNS of San Diego – Sports Arena.